Whether you prefer your coaching face to face, in small groups or video call. We cater for everyone and their personal preferences, after all coaching should be tailored to you as an individual.

Even coaches need a coach!

Leadership or leaders*@t

Leadership can be defined in one word ‘influence’. Are you able to influence those around you for the greater good of the organisation, your people or your clients?

With so much emphasis on results on the pitch, there is very little time to think about executive intelligence. Yet it is the most essential ingredients for good leadership! “No one will listen to what you have to say until they know that you care” John Maxwell.

We cut through all the BS and get straight to the things that matter in your organisation.

“Tim is exceptional at provoking thought leadership and challenging the boundaries of personal growth. He consistently sets the standards for his fellow executives and thrives in the high performing environment. He will make a great addition to any board of a football club but only if they are serious about maximising their potential, because he’s not for the faint hearted”
Executive coaching

Whether you’re at the top of your game or you still have ambitions, our coaching is aimed at building and maintaining your personal brand.

We have worked with board members to senior leaders in SME’s to FTSE 100. Each bespoke package is always has the coachee at heart but delivers a superb ROI for the company.

Ben Haworth Coo Base Soccer, Former COO New Balance
“Challenging but none judgemental which creates an environment where even after twenty years working at the highest level in business and sport, I have opened my eyes to how I can perform better. I don’t spend my hard earned money lightly but he has been worth every penny.”
Life coaching

Personal or Life coaching is different for everyone depending on your circumstances and everyone deserves to be treated like an individual.

We offer various levels of support for everything from weight loss, counselling, health and fitness, food addictions, addictions in general, anxiety, phobia’s and much more.

Andrew Mcintyre – Chairman VSI
“The mind is a powerful tool and Tim is exceptional at empowering people to dismiss negative emotions and turn them into positives. A game changer if you are brave enough to let him take you out of your comfort zone!”
Performance coaching

Also known as sport psychology. We specialise in getting more out of teams, individual players, athletes and coaches, more than they think they are capable of too.

This is our A game – we have a proven track record at the very pinnacle of professional, olympic and common wealth sports. From Premiership footballers and their senior managers to grass roots amateur and the AAA’s.

Allen Dell – Scotland International and London Irish rugby player
“Tim is a sincere and warm character that walks the walk, and leads by example. He’s ideally suited for leading in the high performing environment, a resolute influencer from the boot room to the board room”
Online coaching

All coaching packages are also available online, which means that there is no travelling costs involved and all you need is WIFI and a mobile device.