What our clients have to say about us:

Nicky Butt, former England international and Manchester United Academy Director – “A voice of calm reassurance as I went back to the classroom for the first time in over twenty years to study on VSI’s CEO of a Sport’s Organisation. Ideal mentor for seniorleaders from sport or business looking to improve their performance”

Allen Dell – Scotland International and London Irish rugby player – “Tim is a sincere and warm character that walks the walk, and leads by example. He’sideally suited for leading in the high performing environment, a resolute influencerfrom the boot room to the board room”

Tanya Bardsley -(Real Housewife of Cheshire) You helped me so much I can’t thank you enough 🙏🌟❤️

Christina Maple (Company Director at Maple Fleet) – Working with Tim Coates for 4 weeks now and the difference is amazing. I highly recommend him!! We have made a massive step tonight and I feel stronger then I have in a long time! don’t suffer in silence. It’s ok to speak out.

Lesley Regan – (Company director Scamps & Champs) I cannot recommend Tim highly enough. He is helping me to deal with traumatic events that have happened in my past and thanks to Tim, I can now see a way forward. It feels like having a chat with a good friend but you come out of the session feeling positive and motivated for the future.

Brogan Hird – (Musician, author, poet and PR guru) I am so thankful to have met Tim and to now be working with him. I could not recommend him enough or thank him enough. after my first session i could feel the difference with my focus and confidence. forever grateful Tim! you really do change lives! B x

Craig Woodall – I’ve suffered with anxiety for many years and it was controlling my day to day life I needed to do something about it. I went to see Tim and after my 1st appointment I was reassured that I could start to control my anxiety. After a few more appointments my mindset became a lot more positive and now I feel the best I have felt in a long time. I highly recommend Tim Coates.

Danielle Parkinson – Tim is working with my son to help build his resilience and develop a growth mindset. He is professional, pleasant and so accommodating. The work he does is amazing and although still in the early stages he is learning skills for life, we need more people like Tim in this world. Highly recommended his work is so valuable.

Liz Joy – I visited Tim after the breakdown of my marriage. I was feeling really low and had no idea how to control my emotions. With Tims help I quickly learnt how to pick myself up and move forwards. It was a very emotional but enlightening journey. The experience has taught me a lot about myself and Tim has given me the tools to be able to take controls of my life and become happier and more content. Thank you Tim.

Jessica Vitty – (Teacher) I attended a charity event and my raffle prize was a free session with Tim. I went along not knowing what to expect! The session was fantastic. He provided me with tools I could implement when dealing with anxiety and his positivity and zest for live was infectious. I would love to work with Tim in the future. Thanks so much Tim!

Alex Rimmer – (PT & health professional) I started seeing Tim after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. After a few sessions with him I already started to feel like my old self, after months of feeling lost and down. He gave me the tools i needed to move forward with my life and each day became easier. I couldn’t recommend him enough and am extremely grateful for his help.

Louise Harrop – (Company director at Flex) I approached Tim for help with my daughter’s graduate scheme applications after she finished university. Tim was brilliant in helping with her approach to the job applications and he helped work on her body language and confidence for interviews and assessment centres. He also encouraged her to get in touch with other people who had been successful in similar industry sectors. Within a month of starting to work with her, she attended 2 assessment centres and both resulted in job offers!

Samantha Roscoe – So I asked to speak to Tim because I couldn’t go a single day without eating chocolate and it was becoming a problem. After a single session with him I haven’t felt the urge to eat chocolate, in fact I physically nauseous if I can smell it now. I can honestly say I haven’t missed having chocolate in my life because it had become a habit rather than something that I really enjoyed.

Leonie Browne – Mum, daughter, poet, business lady, a woman worth knowing. Thank you Tim for the opportunity and giving me the gift of believing in myself. First of all I feel like me again. I genuinely didn’t believe that I deserved happiness and that I would spend my life thinking that I wasn’t loved. I know that my journey has just begun but I am so pleased that I made the decision to reach out to you. I have had the same feelings of loneliness from being a child but I also know that new journey has been long overdue. Today is the first day that I haven’t obsessed about my body, my weight or my relationships. Today I don’t feel the cloud over my head. Today my heart felt lighter. Today I have accepted who I am without being afraid of what others think. There was a special moment right after I left the room to freshen up. I recognised the beautiful woman looking back at me in the mirror, the person that lights up the room with her smile. The strong woman that has carried the weight of the world on her shoulders for far too long. I’m ready to put it down, leave stuff in the past and I can see a positive future for me and my daughter the first time in my life.

Angela Gibbs – (Site Director Amcor Flexibles UK) I first met Tim when I was at a very low ebb. After a very stressful period at work, I had lost confidence in myself – the downward spiral was affecting my job, my relationships and my health. Looking back I realise I met Tim just in time. He started by asking questions about my past. Made me remember times when I was happy, when I felt strong and successful. He reminded me who I was and of the things I used to do. I don’t know how I had forgotten this stuff in the fog of the stress I was under, but Tim helped me see that I had changed and therefore I could change back.

He inspired me to start a morning routine (even though I thought I wasn’t a morning person!) and invest in myself through exercise and reading. 18 months later I have run nearly a thousand miles including 5 Half Marathons. I feel good. Tim has been a great sounding board – for my personal and my professional life. Once I felt strong enough he helped put a strategy together to lead my team to turnaround our business. It’s worked.

Life as a business leader can be very stressful and lonely. Tim held my hand every step of the way and I will be forever grateful. I can’t recommend him enough.

Katie Woodall – Operations Director Enjoy Benefits. Tim made me look at life in a whole new way. I’ve learned so much and become happier in the process, I can’t thank him enough. I may face many more challenges in my professional and personal life but at least I know I have the techniques necessary to deal with them in a positive way.

Nicola Howarth – Baker and business owner
My mindset has never been better! Better than a course of CBT.

Kerry Weldon – World traveller
Everyday life can get overwhelmingly busy without you realising, this course helped me to switch off from that and reconnect with myself. The exercises are a great way to open your mind and appreciate the good in every moment.

Kayte Smyth – Mum, Nana, Wife and fitness machine
Following the 30 day mind & body detox program Tim guided us through how our minds have the power to adapt to changes in a positive way through a series of tasks. He showed us how having a positive mindset can change your outlook on life and help you achieve the things you never believed you could. The program helped me achieve my goal & changed how I view my life.

Mandy Giblin – NHS Director
A really powerful approach that addresses all aspects of your life in order to succeed. It provided me with an easy to follow and realistic set of mind tools to help me achieve my goals, and manage my challenges successfully. As a health care professional the principles in the book are so pertinent are to all medical staff and patients.

Sarah Le Brocq – Director HOOP UK
After only 2 sessions with Tim, he had uncovered deep rooted habits/subconscious behaviours that no one else had ever managed to! Excited for my future now, I am finally realising I.AM.ENOUGH! And it’s liberating! Thank you

Steve Bradley – Director Pennine Business Partners
“Tim has supported me and our business with training and coaching for several years in both group and 1-2-1 environments. His support and input has been world class and has made a positive impact on our development as a business and individuals.Tim’s sessions are always well prepared, stimulating and engaging with focused content and clearly planned outcomes.”

Jordan Fagbola – Professional Footballer
Before meeting and working with Tim I was bereft of confidence and lacking direction for my progression. After working with Tim he helped me to develop a plan and implement techniques to improve my leadership qualities and give me some more direction in my career. Tim dedicated a lot of time and effort into helping me feel more comfortable and find my way again. My confidence improved and I now see Tim not only as an excellent aid for my career but a friend as well.

Marcus Lamont – Group HR Director
Tim was an integral part of the Sales Development programme that drove incredible sales at Everest Ltd. Tim has a rare talent of identifying an individual’s motivating force and channelling that energy into the achievement of a personal or business goal. His empathetic temperament gives him the ability to deliver very stretching development that is required to achieve monumental adjustments in life. I would highly recommend Tim for coaching of management development activities and will definitely use his service in the future.

David Humes – General Manager Amcor Flexibles Cumbria
I had the pleasure of working with Tim for period spanning almost 12 months. During this period Tim was able to listen, coach and advise in appropriate measures, as and when required. Tim’s insights into the human mind and his own experience of working with senior professional s enabled him to shed light on new thought processes and opportunities within myself.

Tim shares a focus and a drive that I have rarely seen in individuals, but what is more remarkable is how, at the same time, Tim is genuinely pleasant, amiable and extremely unassuming. This mix of qualities makes for an ideal coach/mentor and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tim to anyone looking for someone to enhance their ‘winning skills’.